The Legerwood-Corsbie Wind Power Station Proposal

E.On, a German energy company, wants to build a large wind factory on farmland at Legerwood, Boon and Corsbie.

Their original proposal to erect 21 wind turbines, each approximately 420 feet high. Stretching almost 4 miles from near the A68 to Corsbie Moor and the A6089, if approved, it would be one of the largest windfarms so far built in the Borders.

On 15 February E.On announced that they proposed to reduce the number of turbines to twelve. They claimed that this was in response to objections by residents. However, for reasons given here we believe that this, or a similar scheme, was their original intention and the larger proposal a tactical gambit.

There are still nearly 60 homes within 2km (1.25 miles) of the proposed turbine locations which could suffer from noise and visual impact. The turbines will still be visible from almost everywhere within 10km (6.25 miles) of Legerwood.

Following an objection from the SBC landscape consultant, and a critical response from the Planning Officer, a further reduction to nine turbines was proposed.

The Planning Officer recommended refusal, and this was unanimously agreed by the Planning and Building Standards Committee at its meeting on 2nd September.

E.on have until 3rd December to appeal to Holyrood.