Lauderdale Wind Farms

Mostly within Lauderdale Community Council's area, but including some others within the River Leader's watershed.


  • Toddleburn (Near Oxton). Refused by SBC, SG appointed reporter accepted it on appeal. Complaints about noise from residents.
  • Longpark (Wooplaw and Halkburn). Refused by SBC by unanimous votes of Planning Committee, overturned by SG. Complaints from residents.


  • Allanshaws (Shaw Park): nine 100m turbines, application with SBC View details here

  • Corsbie Moor (Legerwood and Corsbie) - E.on. Application under consideration by SBC. More here.

  • Brunta Hill (Spottiswood) 11 turbines - PNE Wind:

  • Girthgate (Whitlaw) 3km west of Lauder: Lauderdale CC informed 10/1/11 of proposal for thirtyfive 133.m turbines. Lead developer is inaptly names Community Windpower Ltd, a commercial company with no local involvement. Application direct to Scottish Government expected late 2012. Others involved: Lomond Energy Ltd and Muirhall Energy Ltd. Site plan.

  • Cathpair: Now joint application with Girthgate above.

  • Rowantree: Between Toddleburn and Lauder. Appeal by developer in public enquiry finished in July, Reporter will recommend by end of year. See SG web site

  • Muircleugh: Near Longpark. Two 125m turbines, planning application Dec 2010. Objection lodged by LPG. Application withdrawn following critical landscape impact report from SBC. Resubmitted, withdrawn again.
  • Sell Moor: Refused by SBC but now re-emerging as Muircleugh and Allanshaws above.